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We know you're busy.

So we made it as easy as we could.

Get Forms

So there are just three forms (and a photocopy) that the "powers-that-be" (the ladies in accounting) insist we have completed and uploaded with your application. (The ladies are actually very nice, just meticulous.)

Upload 'Em

Once you've downloaded and completed the forms, you'll upload them along with a photo or scan of your Sales Tax ID certificate, which will attach them to the application form you'll fill out next. (It's really short. Don't panic.)


Relax. This is the easy part. It's a very brief application that gives us just enough information to get a meaningful conversation started with you, our newest Ferris customer!

C'mon, Let's Do This!

It's just 3 simple steps and, BAM, you're a customer.

Well, almost. (The nice ladies in accounting, again) But soon!

Processing Form Submission...

Download Required Forms

Please download and complete each form:

Please note: You will also need to upload a photo / scan of your state Sales Tax ID certificate. The easiest method for completing and signing these forms is using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Simply open in Reader and click "Fill & Sign" and follow these instructions. Alternatively, you may print, complete and sign the forms by hand, and then scan an image of each form for uploading.

Upload Completed Forms

Please upload each of your completed forms:

Please be sure to complete and sign each of your forms prior to uploading.

Please enter your contact information:


Tell us a little more about your business:

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