Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland

Why Bells of Ireland?

Although native to the Mediterranean region and adjacent areas of India, the tiny white flowers in the center of each bell-shaped calyx that surrounds each bloom running up the length of the stem gives these flower greens their Irish name and symbolism of luck. They are loved for their availability and longevity and are used in wedding flower arrangements, St. Patrick's day bouquets, and to add interest to and compliment darker shades of flowers. Bells last up to 2 weeks in a vase.

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Tips from our experts

Bells have small, soft, but sharp, thorns below each cluster of bells, so be careful when handling them. Remove any lower plant material, cut the stem, and store in a bucket in low sugar solution in the cooler. Bells ship over long distances dehydrated and wrapped tightly in absorbent paper. Due to their geotropic nature, they may be delivered with curved tips, but these will straighten when you rehydrate them standing up in a bucket (with the paper wrap on to keep the stems straight), or, alternatively, by flipping them over in their delivery box stored in the cooler for 12-24 hours.