Why Gerbera?

Gerbera, a.k.a. Gerbera Daisies for their daisy-like features, are big flowers, often measuring 6 inches across, on tall, leafless stems. Gerbera adds instant cheeriness and color to any environment and have a long vase life. They come in an incredible array of striking colors, patterns and forms, from single and double petal rows to crested and double crested outer and inner petal rows. The proximity of our U.S. and Canadian farms to our market ensures the highest quality of these relatively fragile blooms available.

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Tips from our experts

Cut off 1 inch off the stem and place stems in room temperature water that has been treated with a chlorine pill preservative. (The key to long life is keeping them bacteria free.) Store them in a cooler set at 45-46 degrees F and 80-90% humidity. Repeat cutting and water treatment every 3 days. Keep Gerberas away from heat sources, air conditioners, drafts, direct sunlight and fruit.