Why Hydrangea?

Hydrangeas are very large, globe-shaped heads of pretty flowers on woody stems. Despite their airy look, they are very sturdy to work with and are a perfect addition to many floral arrangements. Hydrangea are also popular with event planners because they add lots of volume to their designs. White and Blue varieties are available year round. "Mini Green" Hydrangeas, which are immature white hydrangea harvested when they're still green, resemble "Viburnum Snowball". The beautiful color hues of "Antique" Hydrangea are mostly available in the late Summer and Fall season.

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Colors and Styles

Blue, White, Mini Green, Lime Green, Antique Green

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Tips from our experts

Hydrangeas react negatively to metal containers, so they should be avoided. Process using 2 containers--fill one with 4+ inches of cool water and fill the other with 4+ inches of warm water. Cut the stems underwater, an inch from the bottom, then place the stems in the warm water for 5 seconds, and then place them in the cool water and store in a low temperature cooler. Change the water and re-cut the stems every 24-48 hours to keep the flowers fresh. Hydrangeas drink a lot of water, so check the water often to make sure that they have enough. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts, excessive heat and fruit. To refresh the flowers, dunk the entire flower head in cool water for approximately 20 minutes.