Why Hypericum?

Hypericum stems, with their clusters of berries and woodland foliage, add flair to any floral arrangement. This versatile filler's warm colors and unique texture draws attention to arrangements and adds richness to wreaths, garlands, swags, and other seasonal displays.

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Tips from our experts

Hypericum that is fresh and in perfect condition may be held dry for several days. Re-hydrate Hypericum bunches upon arrival before using or arranging. Cut at least 3/4 inch off each stem, immediately dip in a hydration solution and then place in warm water with a low sugar flower food solution. Hydrate bunches with the protective sleeve on for at least 2 hours outside of the cooler before putting them back in the fridge. Hypericum drinks more water than any other flower we know! Check water levels daily and refill buckets or vases when needed. Note: The woody stems of Hypericum tend to rapidly cloud the water in buckets or vases, even with a floral preservative solution. Re-cut the stems and change water every 2 days.