Why Iris?

Iris is one of the most colorful and exotic-looking flowers available. Each tall, bright green stem has an upright flower with delicate petals that open to expose striking yellow throats on the outermost petals. Iris works well as a focal point in a wedding bouquet or in tall flower arrangements. Iris symbolizes the 3 virtues of wisdom, faith and valor, and they are typically used to express sympathy, hope, and well-wishes. Available year-round, they can transition from season to season by changing the flowers they are paired with. The dark blue "Telstar" iris is the longest lasting blue variety on the market today and has a vase life of 4-7 days.

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Tips from our experts

Stems should be cut and the flowers hydrated in a low sugar solution. Some leaves will separate from the stem after cutting; discard these or secure to stem with rubber band. Store in a cooler at very low temperatures.