Why Limonium?

Limonium features branching heads of tiny flowers that add volume and simple elegance to bouquets and floral arrangements. It has an average vase life of 8 days, and it's easy to dry.

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White, Misty Blue (Lavender)

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Tips from our experts

Spread out the stems and carefully loosen the branches to get air flowing through the bunch. Cut and hydrate the flowers in a low sugar solution and store them in a cooler with low humidity. Limonium should be stored in dry, well-aired conditions to prevent mold from developing. When Limonium is exposed to low levels of heat or humidity, it can create an unpleasant odor. This is a normal characteristic of Limonium (as is light shedding), and does not always mean that your flowers are bad. As a precaution, you may add a cap full of bleach in the water you prepare for the flowers and, of course, keep Limonium away from hot and humid conditions.