Why Lisianthus?

Lisianthus is a delicate looking, multi-bloom flower with deep green leaves and stems. "Lizzie" has a 10+ day vase life and is available in pretty pastel colors. This versatile, medium form flower works to your advantage in both small and large scale arrangements: it's florets are often used in corsages, and it's open branched silhouette complements almost any design. Lisianthus also stands on its own perfectly in bouquets and small table centerpieces.

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Colors and Styles

Pink, White, Peach, Purple, Lavender, Yellow, Green

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Tips from our experts

Lisianthus are top heavy, so use a tall container to provide them with extra support. Cut stems and hydrate flowers in cool water. Place in a cooler to slow down the blooming process, if desired. Keep away from heat and drafts, and change the water every 2 days. Remove any foliage that will be submerged before placing the flowers into an arrangement.