Why Peonies?

Peonies, with their large mass of ruffled petals, are show-stopping flowers, available in beautiful color hues and differing petal types. They ship in tight bud stage with blooms showing color and always open magnificently. Use this lightly scented, romantic-looking flower, that pairs well with others, to create large, mixed floral arrangements or simple, elegant centerpieces. Vase life is only a few days, however, you can extend their vase life by using Peony buds in your arrangements, so your customers can enjoy the experience of watching the blooms open.

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Tips from our experts

Hydrate Peonies out of the cooler in water with floral preservative. Peony stems cloud water quickly, so check and change their water frequently. Peonies dry store exceptionally well in a cooler (up to 3 weeks) and will still drink and open perfectly. Once hydrated, the blooms will open quickly and will last only a few days, so don't hydrate until you need them.