Why Roses-Spray?

Spray roses are smaller roses that have short individual stems on a single larger stem, with 5-7+ roses per cut stem. Our cold chain managed Spray Roses are harvested with a tight cut to ensure all the buds will open uniformly. Sprays come in a choice of vibrant colors, and it's easy to create beautiful arrangements with their lovely texture, added volume and versatility. They're perfect for small scale designs, like wrist corsages, boutonnieres, combs and wedding cake displays. Sprays can also be used in large bouquets by cutting the roses off at the main stem to the length you need to maintain the structure of the rose spray, and then combining it with other flowers and greens.

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Tips from our experts

Spray Roses should be re hydrated using a commercial hydration solution to avoid stem blockage which causes "bent neck". Hold Spray Roses at very low temperatures at all times, preferably 32-33 F, placed in water with a low sugar solution and a pH of around 4.5 -5.0. Sprays should be hydrated with their cardboard sleeves on to ensure that the stems draw water and hydrate in a fully erect position. After 24 hours, the rigid cardboard sleeve should be removed or loosened so it won't restrict the hydration of the blooms. All roses should be cut underwater to prevent them from being disposed to air bubbles in the xylem, which constrict or prevent their stems from absorbing water.