Why Snapdragon?

Snapdragons get their name from their puffed petals' resemblance to Chinese dragon faces and movable jaws. Snaps long stems can have 10-15 blossoms on them, and look like a single tall flower bursting with single or double-hued colors from bottom to the top. Snapdragons are equally beautiful used alone in bouquets and in centerpieces, or as fillers to add their unique texture and color to tall floral arrangements.

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Colors and Styles

Pink, Purple, Lavender, White, Yellow, Orange, Burgundy

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Tips from our experts

Snapdragons are geotropic, so they need to be in an upright position at all times. Cut stems on an angle and remove any foliage below the water level. Place in room temperature water, then store in a cooler set at 39-41 degrees F, 75-85% humidity. Repeat stem cutting and change water every 3 days. For optimum vase life, treat water with flower food. Display in a cool location away from heat sources, air conditioners, direct sunlight and fruit.