Why Sunflower?

Sunflowers are bold, fresh flowers that symbolize loyalty and adoration. Varieties include Sunbright (black center), Sunrich (yellow center) and Sunbeam (green center). Tinted red Sunflowers are widely available and popular year round, while Bi-Color (2-tone) varieties are usually grown for fall. The most popular Bi-Colors are Firewalker, Moulin Rouge and Mahogany. Sunflowers add cheer and a warm splash of color to bouquets and centerpiece, and are perfect for any casual occasion or celebration.

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Yellow, Red, Bi-Color

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Tips from our experts

Sunflowers are shipped in "cup" stage with blooms showing color but not open; they will open well in 2 to 3 days. Sunflowers should be hydrated with floral preservative and their water should be changed regularly as they tend to cloud the water rapidly which can cause stem clogging.